Posted by: Ali | March 31, 2010

Meet Nathaniel

What can I say about Nathaniel?  He’s awesome.  He is also very tall, and works with kids, so he had lots of trouble fitting into pictures.

Nathaniel is not as short as this picture makes him look

Nathaniel is really cool.  He’s actually just finished up his master’s degree in film studies with a specialization in indigenous films, which makes him the volunteer with the most specific interests that I’ve had so far.  He was partnered up with La Semilla, who has in the past done projects related to broadcasting and communication for youth.  The project they had Nathaniel helping with though was a project of “cuentos teatralizados” which literally translates as “theaterized stories.”  He helped organize and direct a play about an Incan legend.

This is a more accurate height representation

He had the cutest kids that he works with and they wouldn’t let him leave.

Nathaniel likes nature

He’s also vegan, which I imagine would be very difficult if you’re travelling.  He decided to be accommodating and only be vegetarian while he was here, which is easier to accommodate, but still difficult.  He is also the master of avocado sandwiches.  Did you know how awesome avocados are here?  So awesome.


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