Posted by: Ali | April 1, 2010

President Alan Garcia prohibits use of Internet Explorer

Early this morning, President Alan Garcia declared in his speech to the nation that all residents of Peru, as of April 5, 2010 are prohibited from using Internet Explorer to surf the internet, due to a dispute between the First Lady Pilar Nores de Garcia and the founder of Microsoft, Bill Gates

First Lady Pilar Nores de Garcia

According to an anonymous source close to Bill Gates, the First Lady of Peru has on several occasions complained about the high cost to upgrade from Windows X-factor to Windows Hasta la Vista. Even though a copy of the popular Vista Software can be bought in local markets at only S/. 10 ($ 3.50,) Mrs. Nores de Garcia has been encouraging local businesses to purchase original software, but after receiving various complaints, stating that most people and small/medium business couldn’t afford to purchase Windows Vista, she contacted both Microsoft’s General Manager to Peru, Sr. Luis Torres, and Bill Gates to negotiate a better price for Peruvians to acquire the new operating system from Microsoft.

Neither González Esparza nor Mr. Gates has, despite various attempts from the First Lady, starting back in early January 2010, responded to her proposal regarding this matter, but yesterday Mr. Gates had flowers sent to Mrs. Nores de Garcia wishing her and her family a Happy Easter.

Microsoft CEO Bill Gates

President Alan Garcia expressed in his speech to the nation that this behavior was an insult and therefore declared “war” on Microsoft.

It is also said that if Microsoft doesn’t open its doors to negotiate (and apology), all Microsofts products could be banned in Peru as of July 28, 2010.

A source close to Mr. Garcia, confirmed that he yesterday met with representatives from the government to set up a new Technology Ministry to develop a browser to compete with IE.

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