Posted by: Ali | April 11, 2010

(Not) Getting Around in Lima: Part 2

It’s April, which means that the previously mentioned “thing” being built in the highway near my house should be opening soon.  It’s actually called the Metropolitan Urban Transport System, or just El Metropolitano, and I’m actually really excited about it being done – it might mean that it’ll be really fast to get to some of my placements, which would be awesome.

However, last time I wrote about this, I mentioned that 80% of Limans don’t think that the transit system will be completed.  Well, judging by the recent updates, they may be on to something.

The new Metropolitan Urban Transport System, or Metropolitano, will eventually cost some US $300 million, that is, twice the initial budget estimates, said Rafael García, from the Municipality of Lima.

This new mass transports system, which is considered as the symbol of current Mayor of Lima Luis Castañeda municipal government, is supposed to start operations on April 15, despite doubts ans questions from several sectors, including the workers who are at present trying to finish the first stage of the project.

Peruvian President Alan Garcia explained that the project underwent several modifications in the route and had to include accesories that were not considered at first, like intelligent semaphores and surveillance cameras.

However, the controversy created by this work among Limenians continues, and the Municipality of Lima has issued a press release claiming that Garcia had made those declarations “on his sole personal opinion” and that his statements should not be considered as “an official version.”


  1. They just finished it this year, I used it. I don’t know if you had the pleasure but it’s pretty awesome. Gets you downtown in about 20 min.


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