Posted by: Ali | April 12, 2010

Hi fall, bye fall

Let me tell you my experience with weather in Lima so far:

When I arrived, in August, it was winter.  Every day was high of 20, low of 19, and cloudy.  Every single day.  Nice, but boring.

Starting in October, I was told that I could start wearing shorts soon, and that the sun would come out any day now.  It was 20 degrees and cloudy, for the whole month.  Then in November, they told me that any day now it would be summer.  20 degrees and cloudy.  In December, summer would be starting really soon, I was told.

December 10th I went back to Canada.  December 10th in Lima it was 20 degrees and cloudy.  Three weeks passed where I was subject to the varied weather of Canada, including some 10 degree weather and some -10 degree weather, some snow and some rain, which was all a refreshing change, although I hate the cold.

I arrived back in Lima December 30th.  December 30th in Lima was 30 degrees and sunny.  Admittedly I missed three weeks there, but there was absolutely no transition that I experienced.

The entire month of January was 30 degrees and sunny.  The entire month of February was 30 degrees and sunny.  In March they told us that summer was over and it would be back to winter any day now, but, not surprisingly, every day was 30 degrees and sunny.  We’re in April now, and every day has been 30 degrees and sunny.

Except today.  Today was 25 degrees and cloudy – still very humid, and it felt like much hotter, but it was NOT sunny.  Then I checked the news, and found this announcement:

Peru’s Meteorologic service warns that Limenians should be aware of the upcoming first signs of the fall season, with less sunshine and more mist and drizzles.

“Starting on Tuesday, Lima sky will appear covered with fog. We will still have some sunshine, but it will not start until later in the mornings, compared to previous days, and this will be more obvious as days pass by,” said Nelson Quispe, a specialist from the Meteorologic Service or Senamhi.

Maximum temperatures will also start to drop, and for this week it is expected to be not higher than 25°C (77°F), while the minimum temperature in Lima will reach 19°C (66.2°F).

So basically, what they’re saying is that although Sunday was summer, Tuesday will be winter.  Today, therefore, is the only day of fall?  Good thing I went outside, or I might have missed it.


  1. Yes, it’s to bad there is nothing to keep you warm in Canada.


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