Posted by: Ali | April 12, 2010

Movie: Touching the Void

Touching the Void, 2003, documentary, directed by Kevin MacDonald

Touching the Void is a terrifying true story about a mountaineering accident that happened in 1985 in the Peruvian Andes.  Joe and Simon are two British climbers who attempt to climb a mountain in Huaraz called Siula Grande, a feat which had never been successfully accomplished.  They successfully make it to the top, but on the descent, Joe breaks his leg.  Rather than leave his partner there to die, Simon decides to attempt to climb down while lowering Joe down below him on a rope.  Joe, however, ends up getting lowered over the edge of a sheer cliff.  Facing no other choice, Simon has to cut the rope, dropping Joe into an enormous crevasse.

Both Simon and Joe make it out alive.  This frightening, beautiful, shocking documentary is the true story of how in the name of all that is holy Joe managed to do so.  Definitely worth watching, but maybe not a good choice if you are planning a mountain climbing trip yourself.


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