Posted by: Ali | April 18, 2010

Chan Chan

I’d always heard that Chan Chan, the Chimu capital in Peru, was the largest archaeological site around.  I didn’t know that it was the largest prehispanic city in the Ameicas or the largest adobe city in the world.  Very cool.

The unfortunate part is that it’s not very well restored.  The whole city is 28 square kilometers, which is really friggin’ huge.  Within it there were nine sub-cities, and only one of them has actually been restored.  It however, was very tourist-friendly, so much so that we ran into a whole bunch of tour groups from cruise ships!  Very weird, I thought, as I didn’t realize that Trujillo was large enough for there to be a harbour with cruise ships.

Within Chan Chan there were actually a whole bunch of things that were really neat.  First of all there was the administrative center, which really looked a lot more like a very extensive wine rack or pottery filing system.

The other cool thing in Chan Chan was something they called a walk-in well.  It was basically a little pond or oasis with a spiral around it that one could walk down to and collect water.  Currently it serves a a duck pond.

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