Posted by: Ali | April 20, 2010

The Lord of Sipan

El Senor de Sipan, as he is known as in Spanish, is the Peruvian version of King Tut.  Peru has had tons of problems with grave robbers over the centuries, and as a result most important archaeological sites have been lost.  However, in 1987, some archaeologists found a massive tomb, full of literally tons of gold and silver.  In addition, he was buried with at least six other people, probably sacrificed so that they could be buried with him, including but not limited to: three of his wives, his military chief, a tomb guardian, and a chamberlain.

He was buried outside of Chiclayo, where I currently am, and there is a very impressive museum here that shows off all of his stuff and the archaeological process.  Photography wasn’t allowed so I have been scooping the internet for images to share – believe me it’s worth seeing.

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  1. wow, looks pretty awesome. Does the display ever travel, or does it stay in peru?

    • alas, it stays in Peru


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