Posted by: Ali | April 21, 2010

The Lords of Sican

Not to be confused with the Lord of Sipan – seriously it has taken me nine months to sort them out.  Sipan is the name of a town near Chiclayo, and Sican is the name of a civilization that lived near Chiclayo.  The Lord of Sipan was the Peruvian version of King Tut, who was a Moche (culture) found in Sipan (place).  The Lords of Sican I will talk about below, who were Sican (culture) found in Batan Grande (place).

So if the other guy was King Tut, then what makes these guys so important or interesting?  Well, the way they were buried these guys, and the fact that their tombs also were not spoiled by grave robbers.

There were two individuals known as the Lords of Sican: the old lord and the young lord.  Both of them were found buried in the same pyramid complex, but in different tombs.  The old lord was buried upside-down, sitting cross-legged, with his head cut off, which was then placed in front of him right-side up.  The young lord was buried right-side-up, sitting cross-legged, surrounded by 22 sacrificed women.

So yes, they were interesting.  And recent discoveries too, they were only found in the 1990s.  I took pictures but alas I am away from a wifi zone and have to wait until I am able to access the internet from my computer before I can post them.

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