Off the Gringo Trail

Duration: Two weeks

Pros: Highlands and Amazon, sightseeing from cross-country buses, very unique, off the beaten path

Cons: Lots of travel, hits basically none of the famous Peruvian tourist attractions, no time in cities


Start in Lima

Fly to Cajamarca

  • Churches, aqueducts, a room full of gold

East to Celendin (4 hours by bus)

  • Chachapoya, Cloud forest

East to Leymebamba (8 hours by bus)

  • Maranon Canyon, deeper than the grand canyon
  • Museo Leymebamba
  • La Congona, the lost city

North to Chillo or Tingo (1.5 hours by bus)

  • Hike to Chachapoya citadel of Kuelap

East to Tarapoto (8 hours by bus)

  • Laguna Sauce
  • Hiking to local waterfalls

North to Yurimaguas (6-8 hours by bus)

East to Iquitos (36 hours by boat)

  • Hang out on a hammock
  • Eat bananas
  • Visit an Amazon lodge
  • Wildlife watching

Fly back to Lima

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