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If you are a potential or future volunteer with BaseCamp or Volunteer Abroad, please feel free to contact me if you have any questions at: peru(at)  It is a normal email address, I am just writing it like that to prevent bots from spamming me.  If you are a friend or relative, you already know my personal email address, so mail me there.


My mailing address will be:

Ali Ryder
Base Camp Lima, Peru
Domingo Elias No 222

Mail me stuff!


The most cost-effective way to actually talk to me is using Skype.  My username on Skype is: iamarogue


My phone number at the house is +511 255 7476, although I may not be the one to answer the phone, or indeed the phone might get ignored if you try to call.  My cell phone is +511 9939 56 222, and yes I know there’s a lot more digits but it works.  Remember to dial 011 before making the call, that’s how you dial out from Canada!


  1. Very happy for you Ali!! Keep us all posted. love Sue(aka aunt)

  2. Hi Ali
    I have your grandpa Betty and grandpa Nick staying with me right now and they told me of your blog from Peru. It is magnificent and most professional. And what’s more a fascinating read. Well done to you !
    Best wishes
    Do you remember when my wife Heather and I visited Toronto and then again Windsor in 1997-98 ? Betty is my second cousin.

  3. Hi Ali, just wanted to wish you luck on your travels.
    I am Lesley your Dad’s cousin from Liverpool England.
    My Dad was your Great Uncle George, your Granddad’s brother.
    My cousin Louise has been trying to find your Dad, and my brother Ken found him on Facebook.He kindly sent us some family links and I hope you don’t mind me E.mailing you.
    Hope to meet you all one day if you are in England.
    Regards Les.

  4. Hi Ali can you tell me what type of spider bit you. I have the same image as yours.

    • Sorry for no response. I discontinued the blog after I returned to Canada. I never found out what type of spider it was. Sorry!

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