Incas to Amazon

Duration: Two weeks

Pros: Lots of ruins and the jungle (as per the name!)

Cons: No time on the coast, no architecture, no cities


Start in Lima

Fly to Cusco

  • Ollantaytambo, a traditional Inca village where you can stay
  • Pisac, fortress of the Sacred Valley
  • Maras, salt mines
  • Countless other ruins in and around Cusco (Saksaywaman, Moray, etc.)
  • Machu Picchu

Take a bus to Manu Biosphere Reserve (long, long bus ride!  16-18 hours)

    • Note: you probably want to book a tour for this!
  • Boat ride through the reserve
  • Camping
  • Wildlife watching
  • Hiking through the jungle and lookout stations

Fly back to Lima

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